Sunday, September 18, 2011


School Events

Sept. 1st ~ Hogwarts Express leaves at 11am

Sept. 1st ~ Welcoming Feast

Sept. 2nd ~ Term begins 
*Time-tables passed out during breakfast

Sept. 16-19th ~ Quidditch trials start

Oct. 10th ~ First Quidditch Match (GS) @ 11am

Oct. 31st ~ Halloween Feast

Nov. 10th ~ Second Quidditch Match (HR) @ 11am

Dec. 10th ~ Third Quidditch Match (GR) @ 11am

Dec. 17th [Sat.] ~ Winter Ball (POSSIBLY)
*Only 3rd years & up

Dec. 19th [Mon.] ~ Students leave for Christmas holiday

Jan. 2nd ~ Students return from Christmas holiday

Jan. 4th ~ Second term begins

Feb. 10th ~ Fourth Quidditch Match (HS) @ 11am

Mar. 10th ~ Fifth Quidditch Match (GH) @ 11am

Apr. 10th ~ Sixth Quidditch Match (SR) @ 11am

May 10th ~ Final Match @ 11am

3rd week of April ~ No classes

1st week of June ~ Exams begin

2nd week of June ~ Exams end

3rd week of June ~ Return home for Summer holidays

*Hogsmeade trips ~ Every 3rd weekend (in a month).

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